What Is The Deal With Pink Panther Insulation?

Pink Panther insulation was a onetime thing done by a company called Owns Corning Insulation in 2004. It was a special promotion that turned out to be something pretty special. However, because it was so popular they have stuck to that color. So no all the insulation that you get from the company is the special color. It is designed to have a very easy installation process that most people can do, though you should still have a professional helping you out at all times. Then you’ll be able to put in the Pink Panther insulation as quick as possible.

So what makes Pink Panther insulation better or worse than any other type available on the market? Well, you will find a contractor that loves it for every contractor that doesn’t see anything special about it, so it is difficult to say just what makes it so fantastic. However, one thing you will find is that it is used in many building projects, in the basement, and in a lot of floors. Many products are designed to work specifically with it, so keep that in mind if you are going to be investing in Pink Panther insulation.

Pink Panther Insulation Rebates

One nice thing about Pink Panther insulation is the fact that there is a rebate that goes along with it. The rebate entitles you to get money back and you will also be lowering your heating prices each month, so it is really a huge benefit to you. It will lower your monthly bills because you will not be causing your climate controls to have to cool or heat the attic. Many people make this mistake and they are spending hundreds or thousands of dollars each month that they just do not have to.  Pink Panther insulation and prevent this from happening.

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What’s nice about Pink Panther insulation from Owens Corning is the fact that they provide easy to follow videos for those that want to attempt to do the installation on their own. Keep in mind that while these videos are very thorough and helpful, they are still meant for people that have all the proper equipment like gloves, masks, and protective goggles for preventing any foreign particles from getting into your mouth or in your eyes. With them, you will be able to safely install Pink Panther insulation.

Final Thoughts on Pink Panther Insulation

Pink Panther insulation is a great type that you can get if you are trying to make sure you home is as energy efficient as possible. It is not cheap but it is still very affordable considering how effective it is, so you should definitely give Pink Panther insulation a try.

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